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BOTSU: Ridiculous Robots

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Fight your friends in hilarious sandbox sports: Boxball, Sumo Survival, and Stockpile. Wrestle your way to victory online or split-screen in unique matches. Unlock outrageous outfits and pull off awesome moves to flex your skills!


Peculiar Pixels is an indie studio setup by Oscar Salandin to make games that bring people together with humour, teamwork, and experimentation. Oscar is the solo developer behind BOTSU: Ridiculous Robots, creating everything from the game’s design and art, to the netcode, the AI, the music, the custom fonts and the various yelps the characters make.

Oscar studied Industrial Design and worked at Microsoft in UX, Research and Mixed Reality. Growing up playing sandbox video games like Time-Splitters, Crysis, Halo, Rocket League and Gang Beasts, he experimented with game ideas as a hobby and fell in love with physics, procedural animation and emergent behaviours.


BOTSU was an experiment to find out what procedurally animated characters would feel like if they were faster, more athletic, and more precisely controlled. This was instantly fun and funny to play with friends, so the concept was developed further to add game-modes, gadgets, costumes and online multiplayer.

Endless Unique Matches

With 3 game modes, different arenas, multiple gadgets, rocket boosters, gravity modifiers, and heaps of ragdoll physics, every match will be different in BOTSU.

Sandbox Sports
  • BOXBALL - Get the ball in the goal!

  • SUMO SURVIVAL - Don’t fall in the lava, be the last one standing!

  • STOCKPILE - Collect boxes and steal from the other team!

Split-Screen & Online Multiplayer

Party up in 4-player split-screen and go head-to-head with online teams in matches with up to 8 players 4v4. Hang out with your friends in the sandbox social space between matches.

Acrobatic Athletes

These aren’t some sluggish ragdolls. You’re a robot athlete at the height of your career. You can sprint, jump, flip, climb, breakdance, fly and break through the sound barrier with your over-powered rocket boosters.

Physics-Based Fighting

Combine acrobatics with combat to triple flip kick your opponents, or wrestle them in mid-air while flying upside-down. Anything is possible if you can pull it off.

Build Your Bot

Level up and show off your awesome outfits. Combine any outfit with different heads, bodies, arms, legs and feet to create something truly unique.


Gadgets are your silly superpowers: grappling-hooks, balloons, sticky-bombs, and impulse waves work on anything, like other players, objects or the environment. Get creative and invent new ways to use them!

Theatre Replay Mode

Every silly ragdoll moment and every awesome victory is captured by the replay system, so you can play it back in slo-mo and work out what on earth just happened.

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Botsu Steam Library Capsule Vertical V7.4 600x900
Botsu Steam Vertical Capsule V7.4 374x448
Botsu Steam Capsule V7.4 16x9 1920x1080
Botsu Steam Main Capsule V7.4 616x353
Botsu Steam Header Capsule V7.4 460x215
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